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Here are our top tips from Pello this week on how to protect your hair from excessive sun exposure.Simply follow these simple guidelines to ensure that you still have lustrous healthy locks long after the sun goes down .



Thankfully our hair does not peel or turn red when we expose it to the sun but our scalp can.Excessive sun exposure will not only cause your hair to get damaged but it also so easily burn your scalp and believe you me this is something you want to avoid.

It can make your scalp incredibly sensitive causing dryness and flakiness the best ways to avoid this and protect your hair in the first place is to SIMPLY WEAR A HAT !

Spray on SPF

Be sun smart and invest in a good spray on SPF.We all know that the sun is bad for our skin and we have no problem slathering on loads of sunscreen on our bodies but we often forget our hair.

Find products that will give all day total block and UV protection.So make sure read those ingredients carefully. Make sure to spray it on your scalp as well as the rest of your hair to avoid that itchy,flaky sensitive red scalp.Why not try Aveda hair veil that gives you to 16 hours protection.Always make sure that you reapply after coming out of the water.

Add on shine

The sun will definitely fade everything and that includes your hair.Avoid any products with sulfates as this will simply strip away your colour. Also avoid any products with alcohol as it will just dry it out.Book an appointment at your favourite salon and get your stylist to brighten up your hair with a glossing treatment as opposed to a colour.This will enhance the condition and make it super glossy. After investing all that time and cash on your hair during the rest of the year why let the sun play havoc with it at this time of year.

Up your protein intake

If you're just back from a week of total sun exposure then try to restore your hair immediately to its pre-holiday glory with a super strength weekly treatment Invest in products that contain quinoa. This will work inside the hair to strengthen strands which are damaged by environmental exposure after all that fun in the sun . Alternatively leave it to your stylist to give it a good moisturizing treatment at your next salon appointment .

A little TLC

After a long day Baskin in the glorious sunshine it's a must to use good shampoo and conditioner that are gentle on your hair.Make sure to leave the conditioner in your hair overnight if possible or if you are swimming leave it in as it will create a barrier for your hair.if using a deep conditioning treatment make sure to just apply mid length to end if you feel it's too heavy for the texture of your hair. Finally get your hair trimmed regularly during the sunnier period as it will avoid your ending up with lots of split ends and badly damaged during winter.



So pay attention to those rays and enjoy the sun safely. During sunnier periods is the time to give your hair some much needed care so that you can lap up that sunshine and although you want to up your vitamin D you still want to keep your locks looking luscious for the rest of the year.So that our top tips this week from Pello hair color and design re sun care hair.If you have any further questions or need some professional advise on best practice hair care don't hesitate to pop in for an informal chat at Pello,unit 6 Glenview Retail Park,Mountain Top give us a call on 0749113589 or simply follow us on Facebook at www.pello.ie/facebook

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